🎁 Holiday Greetings 🎄🌟


‘Tis the season to be jolly 🎉🎉…and don’t we love some good old Asian family judgement 😍😍(Yes—relative whom I don’t know—my face got bigger 👌and I’m still single 👻hi 👋👋).

Real talk though, sometimes when there’s not enough tea 🍵, know that aunties 💆🏻love to make some 💦💦from whatever they can find 👁so don’t 🙅🏻let those roasts get to you 🚫🚫Take them as a grain of salt 💨and focus on the food/pet 🐶🐱instead.

OR you can flex ✨ flex ✨and ✨over-flex ✨😎 on everything you got (that sixth place in a competition is now called a SEMI FINALIST 💯bitch,,,fight me) so they S❗️T❗️F❗️U❗️

We suggest the latter 👍😃

ANYWAYS, the A for Average Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!! ❤️And don’t forget to make your coming holidays more lit 🤙😩😩by getting our cards here!!